seherportrait-794 (LR).jpg
  • now playing: dakota, amber mark, missy elliott
  • travel vibe: chefchaouen, new orleans, barcelona
  • food: malaysian, brazilian, middle eastern
  • spirit: qigong, meditation, kundalini yoga
  • fact: swallowed a quarter as a small child
  • joy: biking along the costa rican coast listening to feist
  • drive: true self-realization, healing, + harmony for us all
  • core value: authenticity
  • known to: randomly meow like a cat

born to pakistani immigrants in the san francisco bay area, i grew up between the east and west coasts. for university, i attended the wharton school and initially attempted a traditional path in corporate marketing. ultimately, my love for entrepreneurialism and creativity beckoned, and i became a freelance photographer and writer. today, i view myself as an inter-disciplinarian; 

as a multimedia artist and community facilitator, the heart of my work is rooted in healing and social change — and their inextricable link to art, media, and culture.

my purpose is to create potent and inspiring medicine — projects, initiatives, works, spaces, movements — to help elevate the way we exist as humans;

without question, my own healing journey opened me to the privileged life i live, the way i choose to exist, and how i view the world today; it is in my bones to weave a healing ethos into everything that i do, and in large part, it is the lens through which i view activism and paradigm shifting.

i believe that success is not reaching the pinnacle of single trajectory, but instead staying true to what brings joy and fulfillment to an ever-evolving self; in harmony with this flow, i wear many hats and am guided by intuition — celebrating any twists and turns that spring from living my truth; on this path, i welcome adventure into the new, odd, unconventional, and unknown.

i wish you joy in your truth.

— brooklyn. 2018.